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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
and bryzgalov leads the league in wins. means nothing. also your saying the defense is above average based off your stats there but what is your point? that still factors in our little 2 and 6 problem out of the gate. point is in reality nobody would really be on here wasting time arguing with bernie if it wasn't legitimate. it is. you posted "varlamov this and that" but you make saves that were decent (routine actually) into phenomenal saves by your description. "kane in all alone" uh with defenders back and right up his ass. he barely had a foot to work with. it was a straight shot with no move. that's the same kind of exaggeration bernie gets accused of. bryzgalov is a good goalie. his play is obviously making a lot of us happy and satisfied this year. but some people need a scapegoat. they need to put everything on 1 player. just getting old. he might be overpaid but get over it. over half our roster is way overpaid. who cares? "but the salary cap". what? who are we being deprived of from bryzgalov's contract. certainly wasn't gonna stop us from getting weber. we have problems but their not our goalie.
No they don't mean everything. I was just trying to prove that defense hasn't been as bad as he would like to suggest. He blames everything on the defense. In his mind Bryz can do no wrong.

I never said anything about Varly that was him that posted some video and went on some rant about it.

Considering the salary cap is going down next year, it kind of is a problem. A player getting paid top 5 money for his position that's not living up to his contract is a problem. Especially for a team that operates closer to salary cap max. There's a reason why the Flyers are trying ship out the dead weights carrying big cap hits right now.

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