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03-07-2013, 05:24 PM
Nicky Santoro
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Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post

7/11 in Chicago

.9/2 in Denver

Nicky, here's the last 5 for the Kings:

2/25 - .5/1 FSW
2/27 - .6/1 NBCSN
3/2 - .5/1 FSW
3/4 - .5/1 FSW
3/5 - .7/1 FSW
thanks IU.

my god, i wish i never read those ratings. i'm deceived now. so basically, the defending stanley cup champs who have been on fire and playing real exciting games, coming back to win in great fashion, and Carter putting on a show... is only averaging 0.56 in the last 5 games?? i'm glad i asked u in a way cause now i will officially stop believing LA might turn into a hockey town one day.. i knew they could care less about hockey in LA, but this confirmed it now for me. OUCH..

And what i also find deceiving is Colorado, who were dominant 12 yrs ago and winning cups and getting great ratings and were talk of town in Denver, and a chance last night to end hawks streak, can only muster 0.9 vs Hawks on NBCSN????


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