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Originally Posted by Phion Keneuf View Post
Yes, but you go to Uni to get paid in the future.

You also pay to go to Uni so it's actually meaningful to me.

You go to Uni so you can get paid in the future. I'm technically done highschool as I'm already accepted into Uni and I already have all my needed courses done.

I should become a principle then and just start suspending people for no reason. I'm a high up though right, that's all that counts apparently.
LOL WTF are you talking about? You go to high school so you can get to university. Just because you are done, then stop going.. Oh what's that? You can't stop going? Oh, well then keep listening to the people you're suppose to.

"Hey mom, dad I'm moving out at the end of the month so FIGHT ME!"

See? Sounds idiotic right?

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