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03-07-2013, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
Coyle's game isn't ready-enough to be a contributor on any sort of line the team has to depend on. He's just a guy out there along for the ride at this point in his development.

Much like most every other Yeo decision, don't understand it.
Yes, Coyle's not ready. And I question some of Yeo's decisions as well, I know he's tried a bunch of different combinations but don't think he's tried all the ones he should have.

Originally Posted by bozak911 View Post
I'd like to know if half the people posting here about the Wild even *watch* the bloody games...


Put Butch up on the top line and watch magic happen. I am sick and tired of seeing his linemates be offensive black holes and then people blaming Bouchard. All those pretty passes to no one are him expecting a line mate to actually SKATE to the hole, not look at the hole, fall over and then laze their way to it after the pass.

When Clutterbuck comes back, send Coyle AND Granlund down to Houston.

Parise - Koivu - Bouchard
Zucker - Cullen - Setoguchi
Clutterbuck- Brodziak - Heatley
Rupp - Konopka/Dowell - Mitchell

Bouchard's been worthless himself, and had his game and a half on the top-line which he did nothing. He should be put on waivers before put on the 1st line IMO.

Originally Posted by Jopsey View Post
Put Granlund on the 1st line as a winger, put Coyle on the 3rd line, then watch the magic happen. If that doesn't provide a beneficial change then I think it's time to split Koivu and Parise up.
Though he hasn't earned it, it could be worth a try. Somethings got to give and we've got enough centers that Granlund doesn't have to be playing there.

Originally Posted by Uberdachen View Post
Bouchard to the first line for sure.
I have liked Setoguchi all year but he's in a Catch-22. You don't take him off the second line because it's working, and if it's not working you don't move him to the first line because it's obviously his fault and he should go to the fourth line or Pittsburgh or I don't know, anybody have any leper colony brochures?
The "2nd line" is pretty overrated based on a couple goals, they constantly have poor shifts. If Setoguchi's earned the opportunity, put him on the top-line. We need secondary scoring, but we need primary scoring too. With being a cap-ceiling team we should have enough talent to ice secondary scoring while loading up the top-line in any shape, or else the GM has done a poor job assembling the team.

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