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Originally Posted by SimonKnightsman View Post
Ottomatic how do you know Windsor is not getting taxpayer money to stage event.
I have heard rumblings of this since Jan and it may or not be true .... but if it is then London really have done nothing wrong. They are getting a dime from anyone and having to fork over a huge bag of their own cash to stage this. Also in hopes of getting most back and that is dicey.

Who are the other donators in Windsor ? Has the Casino put up and funds....
Did you mean to direct that at me?

The money I'm talking about is in regards to London making a lot of money and as a result has more money to pay off the league with to "win" the hosting gig. My point I was trying to get at is the league punished Windsor for using it's money advantage to treat some players better, and that is against the rules. But London can use their financial advantage over everybody else in the league to offer the league the most money to buy the hosting gig.

So the league is saying - You can't use a financial advantage you might have to treat players better/improve your team, but you can use your financial advantage when you're offering us money to win favor.

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