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03-07-2013, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Kyle93 View Post
You could of did something that you were unaware of, or there could be some mistake. Either way you just don't act like that.
Well if eating lunch while studying for a test is bad then go ahead and kick me out.
If he could at least TELL me what I apparently did wrong then that would help solve the issue. There was no misunderstanding from me. From him, there definitely was
Originally Posted by Chandrashekhar Limit View Post
Well he told Phion to GTFO without any reason or explanation. That's pretty dumb from the teachers perspective.

I don't think Phion should have let it escalate to where it went though. Both parties guilty here from my perspective.
Just got a text from my friend (the one who the teacher asked to go get the principal), that the teacher told him in class that he's taking 5% off his next test for refusing to get the principal. My friend asked him what I did wrong and he still didn't tell him

This guys a ****ing joke.

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