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03-07-2013, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Kyle93 View Post
have fun, you are going to LOVE accounting. haha na I'm kidding but it does get ****ing boring every day which is why I'm switching programs.
I know it's boring, but all school is
Originally Posted by SmythesMinions View Post
Honestly Phion, Secondary school marks(+ whatever they write in your file) get you into Uni, and crappy marks get you into CC. If you really think that your Prof @ Uni gives a crap who you are or if your in class or're in for a rude awakening. As far as your teacher in HS knowing you, he doesn't have to.
It's something about a books cover. Chances are, that he or others have heard your rants and raves (like this one) in between classes or on lunches.So, if this outburst is any indication of what you're capable of then there lies your answer.
I'm already accepted into Uni. Even if I get a 0 in all my courses this semester I'm still in.
I have a 90 average right now. He's never heard of me, I guarantee you that, only time I'm in the office is to sign in/out of school.

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