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03-07-2013, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by deanwormer View Post
You guys are a hoot; you were clamoring for someone else to get on the top 2 lines and push down Fish/SK etc to displace our 4th liners - but then complain because Hals gets sent down and Spals appears to be sitting. Clune has been working his tail off - Trotz isn't gonna' penalize that when that's what he's trying to get outta' SK etal.

Sure, I'd like to see Fish sit - but not instead of our 4th liners.
This is the classic "treat the veterans better" outlook you have. Why dont we sit who isn't producing, like Fish/Leggy/SK. I dont care who, but 1 or 2, or all of them needs to for a game or so. Sending down players like Hali doesnt open up spots on our top 2 lines. He was basically a 13th forward not on our top lines. Yeah one can argue we just push Fisher/Leggy/Sk down but thats stupid and does us no good. How has SK produced on our fourth line ever? How about Halischuk, oh yeah he had 15 goals last year playing 4th line minutes. It only creates a hole in our bottom six sending Hali down. Butler and Boychuk are the new people who can slide into the top 2 lines for Fisher/SK/Leggy while letting them sit. Either players dont belong in our bottom six they are scoring line or bust players. Hali and Spals arent like that and fit in our bottom 6. We also got Butler/Boychuk to bring in competition, so why did we send down Hali to create less competition? theres so much to be said about this I'll just stop there.

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