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Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
IIRC Spurge gets some love from national broadcasters and other teams' house broadcasters. At least i've heard them praise him on some of the pirated feeds i've watched.
I think there's very little chance we trade him though. Still, he'd be the only D i'm willing to part with that would gain us anything more than a cleared contract spot.
I have to ask: Why? The likely return for Spurgeon would be maybe a 2nd round pick, but most likely a 3rd-4th rounder or a bottom-6 FWD. With our puck moving ability from D still being an issue, I'd rather not move Spurgeon. He is a great fit on our 3rd pairing, even though he would do just fine in the 2nd pairing if we didn't have Gilbert there.

And this time, I will reason my argument too, instead of just blindly yelling "DON'T YOU DARE TO INSULT MY LOVE!!!".

This is our current defense:

Suter - Brodin
Stoner - Gilbert
Falk - Spurgeon

Suter, Brodin and Gilbert are pretty much untouchables. Let's say that they form the core of our D.

The next group is Spurgeon, Falk, Stoner, Scandella and Prosser. All of them have played in our bottom-2 pairings this year. Everyone is different of course, but out of those 5, we have 2 pure defensive D-men, 1 puck-mover who is better defensively than offensively (Scandella), 1 pure offensive D-man (Spurgeon) and 1 who doesn't really know what he is (Prosser).

There are 3 open positions in the D, and if we take handedness into account, we need two lefties and one righty. Furthermore, if style of play is considered, we need two "defensive" and one puck-moving/offensive D-man.

Out of these, who would be best suited to play with Gilbert? Ideally, it would be a defensive, crease-clearing physical D-man. In other words, Clayton Stoner. Too bad his surname is derived from his puck-moving ability. Ideally, he should be used in the 3rd pairing and as a PK specialist, NOT in the 2nd pairing.

Falk is too inconsistent, so is Scandella. The latter looked really good next to Gilbert last season, although the sample size was quite small.

That leaves us with the 3rd pairing. Prosser and Spurgeon are competing for the "offensive" position on that pairing. I don't think it's necessary to say who wins that battle. The real question is: Who will we pair with him? Falk, Stoner or Scandella? Well, the last one is in AHL and currently injured (?) so we'll cross him out. Falk or Stoner it is. And I'm OK with it.

So, to break it down:

x - Gilbert
Stoner/Falk - Spurgeon

You'll notice the X there, next to Gilbert. THAT is the need we have to address. I'd like me some Clayton Stoner with better hands, thank you. Unfortunately, so does everyone else.

Who do we want? What do we need to give? That, probably, is what we should discuss, not whether we should accept a 4th rounder for Spurgeon.

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