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Originally Posted by redcard View Post
I had 21 mil as my estimated income for next season when trying to plan out my finances, compared to this season 16.8 mil/week.

5 star Gen sponsor for 15.2 mil, increase of 2.7 mil, accepted.

2 star medai offer for 5.2 mil, increase of 1.7, rejected. I'll have 10,000 more seats finished on the final day, so I figure even if I get a 4-5 star offer the next two days I'll still reject it as a 1 star offer with 40k seats will probably be more than a 5 star offer with 30k seats. Or am I wrong?

All VIP lounges came as 1 stars, but very minimal increases (currently receiving 661K for 3), all rejected.

So I was quite surprised that my estimation was spot on with the first nights offers, and considering I only accepted 1 I could get a small chunk more. 22% total increase so far, but I'm willing to bet there's still a lot of teams in I.1 making significantly more.

Unrelated note: Warren Abu will likely be the starting goalie for the U17 team. When I talked to his Latvian owner he said he thought he might sell him, as he won't get any playing time on his team. I don't know if any of you guys are in the market for a young goalie, but I told him I'd let him know if I found anyone interested. I'd hate for him to go on the market and get purchased by someone with low facilities. Att/Qs: 184/91 60/90 129/81 130/86 64/83, downside is 5/6 C/L.
The discrepancy in sponsorship offers is unfortunately widening at a faster rate than almost all of us would like.

I'm definitely interested in picking up U17 and U20 USA players. However, at certain positions they'd have a very difficult time find playing time. Goalie is one of those positions.

Originally Posted by redcard View Post
I'll at least get a few extra games next season, with today's win I'll be in the 5th place league cup game against Arlington on Sunday, but Arlington and the 4 teams that made the semi's will all already be in international cups next season which will put me in the SuperLeague cup. Depending on how long I can stay in (potentially 11 games) it'll at least bring in some extra ticket revenue and an OTR boost. A bit of a consolation prize, but I'll take it.
Congrats! I was hoping when I beat Phenomenon last round that it would clinch your spot in the SLC. I'm glad to see you get in. I haven't looked at the SLC much, but I'm assuming you'll definitely be able to pad your OTR early in the season.

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