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Originally Posted by Kloparren View Post
I'm sure that Joe Sacco will go down as an awful NHL coach in terms of ones who manage to hold on to their job for a long time. This is his 4th season in charge. His avg finish from the last 3 is 11th. This season it might drop down to 12th.

Cherry was fairly good in the NHL while he was in Boston. He has tonnes of excuses for failing in Colorado like a bad goalie though I dunno how true they are. To me though it seems like he was more of a motivational coach rather than one who passed on knowledge to his players of what plays to use, what to do in X situation etc. I don't think he'd do well in today's game though he was good for his time because today's game involves systems and strategy.
With that roster, injuries and management I don't know how anyone thinks the Avs should be doing better than they are.

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