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Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
Actually it falls under Section 50, things of de minimis value to the player. That article allows for teams to pay for things like father-son road trips, parental travel to first games, etc. The league does not however permit the team to pay for kids and ex (or current) wives to travel with the team to several games. That's an unreasonable added cost. It's an impermissible benefit. Especially when Briere went to play in Germany for 4-5 months with no assistance towards his children.

I'm not familiar with the Souray situation or what the league allegedly allowed in that situation. I searched for information on it, but came up with nothing. Perhaps you could post a link? I've never heard of a player's family following him on the road continuously, and certainly not with an ex-wife in tow.

And unless you wish to explain (either here or via PM) why your source is credible / where you're getting this info, I'll choose not to believe your rumors. Speculation is fun, but I think that's what this really is, speculation as opposed to having a legitimate source with knowledge of the situation. You're a nice guy and you're definitely knowledgeable about prospects but you've posted some things that are pretty far out there over the years (Wayne Simmonds will score 40 goals is one of the things I remember off hand) and as far as I can tell, you've never been correct on a rumor. It's nothing personal, I just don't believe "established" sources like Eklund so I'm darn sure not going to believe a random guy on a message board unless I've got reason to.
He is legit and I believe what he is saying.

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