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Originally Posted by Barney Gumble View Post
Hank didn't get his daddy to complain to Nonis about how much Marc Crawford was so mean to him and his brother and wouldn't give them the increased icetime when they were clearly outplaying the WCE (eventually Crawford "saw the light").

They kept their mouths shut (that includes NOT getting others to **** on their behalf) & paid their dues. That's being a professional.
I swore I wasn't going to post in this absurd thread but I want to agree with this post.

Want to know where the Sedins were until age 25? Planted on the 3rd then 2nd line

Want to know where Kesler was at age 22? Planted on the third line (or injured of course)

Hansen? 3rd /4th line

Raymond 3rd /fourth line /benched/ manitoba. Take your pick.

Edler? 1/2 Manitoba 1/2 sheltered minutes.

Burrows? In Manitoba I believe if at all. Still playing ball hockey?

Schneider ? Buried in Manitoba.

Schroeder? Trying to battle the mightly Andrew Ebbet for the 13th forward spot.

Hodgson ? Ready to SLASH HIS WRISTS if he doesnt get Kesler / Sedins minutes and power play time.

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