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Originally Posted by Ottomatic View Post
Did you mean to direct that at me?

The money I'm talking about is in regards to London making a lot of money and as a result has more money to pay off the league with to "win" the hosting gig. My point I was trying to get at is the league punished Windsor for using it's money advantage to treat some players better, and that is against the rules. But London can use their financial advantage over everybody else in the league to offer the league the most money to buy the hosting gig.

So the league is saying - You can't use a financial advantage you might have to treat players better/improve your team, but you can use your financial advantage when you're offering us money to win favor.
Exactly again duhhhhhh

Thx for posting the drivel theyre printing in the London Free Press.

Lets get real now......Barrie has never hosted this thing and they do have a competitive team over there next season also and can make more moves at the deadline to shore things up.Who cares about arena size, they will also make renovations.

Again I will say that Boug/WR never should have put up the bid after how we have been treated and this is before the so called santions.

I would have earned my way to the big dance on my own and to hell with the league and their internal butt licking politics.This crap of who puts up the most money has to go also.If Branch is really concerned about small market teams he should put HIS money where his mouth is.

Barrie wins it IMO hands down.

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