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03-07-2013, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Sevanston View Post
Your arguments just keep retreating.

First it was that running and jumping somehow translate better to things that aren't running and jumping (wut?) and now you're talking about how often records get broken like that somehow means Bolt and Phelps are less athletic.

Usain Bolt literally does half of what you're looking for better than anyone else in the world, but somehow that doesn't count because he doesn't also jump. Phelps isn't just better than his peers at one or two things, he's better at everything. Gold medals in every single category of swimming, and world records in almost as many. And he's won these things three times out of three.
i specifically mentioned 3 major factors to athleticism. not to mention factors like size(ie, more impressive to run fast at 240+ like calvin Johnson/vernon Davis than at 180 like mike Wallace. again, answer the question, its the fastest player in the nfl the most athletic?

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