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03-07-2013, 09:37 PM
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Everyone talks about sophmore slumps without actually thinking about why it might happen. IMO this is 100% a sophmore slump and here is why...

I've played sports more then half my life and followed them my entire life. This doesn't even apply to just sports, but jobs ... anywhere! When you are put into a position where nothing is expected of you, some players/workers/whatever will rise above the rest and surprise people. They have 0 pressure and they thrive. Suddenly Couturier is looked at as a backbone for this team at 20 and he isn't playing that well. I look at this entire team and see a bunch of young guys that need to gain experience. It's easy for us to look at how skilled they are and say they should be winning, but the way they are losing is 100% a mindset thing and it will be fixed with time.

Clearly we need additional pieces... a true # dman would be nice obviously. My point is.. Couturier isn't playing particulary well right now, but to get upset about it as a fan is a bit ridiculous. We got lucky with him playing the way he did last season, and although I see greatness in him like everyone else, I feel like people got way to carried away with him.

He's a good player and has the potential to be great. I've seen glimpses in his game very much the same way we saw them with Giroux, but think about how many years were in between Giroux showing glimpses and him breaking out. The ice time helped, but experience was the key factor IMO. We need everyone to gain experience and the core needs to stay together as a team. Giroux/Hartnell/Simmonds/Voracek/Schenn/Schenn/Couturier etc all need to stick on this team and just grow into a unit.

Looking back that was a hodge podge of ranting... im tired...

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