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07-25-2006, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Guillaume View Post
I gathered a little info around: He has been playing as a 1991 for at least 3 years. No real connection with any fake passport or fake date of birth like you used to have in basketball with the fake georgian/greek passports where you could shove few years.

He is the brother of Kirill (born in August 1988) who plays for Novokuznetsk-2 and for Kazakhstan U-18 despite being born in Novokuznetsk. Both are sons of Alexei, a defenceman who used to play for Novokuznetsk, Dynamo Moscow and the Soviet Junior team, and is now one of the coaches in the Novokuznetsk system.

He was officially born in Russia on 12/24/1991. The father apparently pushed for 1/1/92 to be put on the birth certificate, but the birth registration officers refused.
nice to see you again

i don't insist that he's got fake birth certificate. Because i didn't see it. You didn't see it either.

But... it is known that fake birth certificates are big problem for Russian junior hockey. Every year there are scandals in junior hockey. Last season Karogoda from White Bears - 91 (very nice team, got 1st place in their age group, took part in All-Russia's Final and after White Bear school lost its place in elite league (called First Group) because the whole school is very weak, Moscow federation of hockey made unprecendented decision to give White Bears-91 opportunity to play in First Group when White Bears school will play in the second one next season) was banned for fake birth certificate. He was banned because somebody wanted him to be banned. There are (i think and even sure) a lot of players with fake certificates but if they are not good players nobody will waste their time to punish him. Karogoda was banned in Belorus befor for the same thing. And people from Belarus who banned him there made their best to make him banned in Moscow. Also Dvurechensky from Dynamo-91 was banned. Only because parents of other hockey players made pressure on federation shouting: "Look at this guy. He is not a boy, he is a man!". It is true heheheh . And now take a look at Kitsyn's height and compare it with height of other players for example in team Russia-90. I'd like to say again that I don't insist that Kitsyn is fake 91 but... I would be glad if Kitsyn will become "next Malkin" as he is called by specialists.

And it is good that you mentioned that his father is a former player and involved in the SYSTEM (now he is one of the coaches in Novokuznetsk). You know i like Ostapchuk even after his departure to Yaroslavl. But... I heard from players who played with him that in fact he is not 90 born (maybe born in 1988). Of course, you can say that it is only gossip. His father is also former player and if i'm not wrong works as coach somewhere. But have to say again: i didn't see his birth certificate and he wasn't banned by any hockey federations. And these guys will never be banned now (i hope they are innocent though) because they are one step to main teams of their clubs and nobody will make attemps to check their birth certificates. And as we say in Russia "not been caught not a thief".

Everything is IMHO.

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