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03-07-2013, 09:39 PM
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Well I hope Seth Jones makes it and is a star player. Hopefully in a market that he could really help open the game up to minorities.

Now ideally this kid will end up on Team USA during the Olympics and be a pivotal player in the gold medal game or a big name leading up to the Gold Medal game.

Throw in Dustin Byfuglien and coach him to grow out a huge afro leading up to the Olympics so it puffs out of his helmet while he wrecks shop on the ice.

Maybe even stick a comb in it for effect.

I am kidding of course and I do so based on the Hollywood description of the inner city young black male in comedy's like that movie with method man and redman I believe.

So please don't take that out of context...

But in all honesty having those two on a Team USA would be a huge image boost for hockey and diversity.

Team USA Hockey just has to reach the gold medal game in 2014 and it will easily pull 35-40 mil viewers and establish United States Hockey as power even if we lose.

Well losing to Canada would be acceptable but probably no one else, even Russia.

While American's, exp comedians like to make fun of Canada because of how similar the cultures are yet their is a huge difference in world stature. It's really stupid and in jest.

Most American's respect Canada as a peaceful neighbor and the home of cold, ice, Hockey, ridiculous accent's, the word Eh, legalized weed(even if it's not true, it's widely considered fact in the US that you can smoke weed in Canada legally.) and curling.

It's also true that if anyone attacked Canada the American public would immediately demand the US Military respond however we would want them to respond to an attack here whether that's good or bad.

While it's never perfect what countries like Canada, England, France, and the USA have done having long lasting prosperity, democracy and peace helped carve the modern world of human advancement.

I have always thought it is so neat that the NHL has been a Pro Sports league for nearly 100 years operating out of two countries with major ties in both. The sad fact is, the NHL is a geography lesson for American's. While the NHL only reaches a certain amount of fans here, those fans communicate to other non-NHL fans things about Canada and where Calgary and Edmonton are or how Montreal is in the French speaking province, many Americans assume Canadians only speak English or think there is a lot of French immigrants of something. VS the actual set-up Canada has. On top of that, many many NHL fans including myself love Oh Canada. It's so much more pleasing on the ear's as a piece of music than the Star Spangled Banner. I do think they shouldn't play them before every sporting event and only like opening day, all star games, playoff games or maybe just Finals. When I was a high-school senior in band class we all got to pick a song to play one time the last month of our Senior year and I picked Oh Canada and recorded it That was in 2000.

American defense arrangements with Canada are more extensive than with any other country.[76] The Permanent Joint Board of Defense, established in 1940, provides policy-level consultation on bilateral defense matters. The United States and Canada share North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) mutual security commitments. In addition, American and Canadian military forces have cooperated since 1958 on continental air defense within the framework of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Canadian forces have provided indirect support for the American invasion of Iraq that began in 2003.[77] Moreover, interoperability with the American armed forces has been a guiding principle of Canadian military force structuring and doctrine since the end of the Cold War. Canadian navy frigates, for instance, integrate seamlessly into American carrier battle groups.[78]

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