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Originally Posted by kaiser matias View Post
Seeing what Bowman did with the Sabres as GM in the 1980's, I don't think he would have been that much of an improvement.
And what was he supposed to do following on the heels of none other than Punch Imlach (1970-1978) with but one year with an interim GM separating them? Turn water into wine?... I believe to this day he still holds the record for the Sabres Most Wins by a Coach. You cant make a silk purse from a pigs ear, though Lord knows he tried. Some pretty brilliant player personnel moves under his tenure. Gone the cloaks of Montreals' blankets of comfort, an actual pipeline, depth. Why Pollock didnt appoint him GM because he thought Scotty wasnt versed on the business side, a bit of a "hothead" I just dont know. Beyond foolish. Off to Pittsburgh, Stanley's Cup, ditto with Detroit. As a Leafs fan, I have a lot of respect for the Montreal Canadiens organization, want them to be their best. Dunno what overtook Pollocks mind, promoting former Boxing Promoter Irving Grundman over Scotty Bowman.

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