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03-07-2013, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Monarchist View Post
It's hard to divide 30 teams in 4 divisions of equal size.

I propose 10 divisions. Each team would have extra games against the two teams in its division and the six teams in the divisions immediately above and below it:

VAN/CAL/EDM Vancouver Will Win The Presidents' Trophy Every Year Division
LAK/ANA/SJS Pacific Division
PHX/COL/DAL Roanoke Division
STL/CHI/MIN Flyover Division
DET/CLB/NSH Teams Detroit Didn't Know it Had a Rivalry With Division
CAR/TBL/FLA Southleast Division
PIT/PHI/WAS Pond Hockey Division
NYI/NYR/NJD Metropolis Division
BOS/MTL/WIN Drama Division
TML/OTT/BUF All Maple Leaf Fan Division
You should go post this in Nhl talk.
This is hilarious.

You should change Roanoke to the Wild West or Crackhouse Division.

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