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03-07-2013, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Maelpj View Post
Of course, everybody who is not 100% sold on Price have an agenda, it's just how it work. We heard it before, chance disk.

Stop looking at stats, look at the game. If you think Carey have been the reason Habs are 1st in the east right now, you are the one having an agenda.

At the end, he costed us more loss than win. Rinne, Lundqvist or even Luongo and Miller have proven more than Price that they can be solid keeper on a constant basis over a long period of time. If Joe thornton have a "bad streak", people would doubt him a lot less than if Sam Gagne was in the same situation.

I always said that Price had talent and potential, but hasn't established as a sure "top 5" goalie who drag his team/go far in playoff. My opinion is not based on 2 bad game or 1 good game, but on all I saw from him since the start of his career.
I never said Price was the reason we are first in the east. Don't put words in my mouth. Price is getting blame for his bad performance but doesn't get praised when he plays well? I thought Price is part of the Habs and this is a team game. The team is first, shouldn't Price get praised just as much as his teammates. Why is he singled out for losses and not his teammates, or defense that plays bad? I don't understand that. Bad defense leads to scoring chances and shots but no, lets blame Price solely?

Also, Why should we ignore those goalie poor or ok performance, they are also getting paid big money. Isn't that why they are highly paid? I thought by your standards, every goalie that is getting paid over 5.5M$ should always be consistent and never have a bad break. I'm not putting word in your mouth but when you say a goalie that is getting paid *this amount of money* should not have bad streak like Price.

Well, I just proved you that it does happen. If you watch around the league, you will see not all 6M$ goalie a perfectly consistent and never have bad streaks. Price's last 2 games and people bashed on him like crazy.

And because these goalie have won stanley cup or Vezina in the past, they basically have immunity to bad streak and not Price? They can sit on their big contract and give poor performance because they've won before? Yeah.. OK.

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