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Originally Posted by Wizeman View Post
Hodgson has 21 pts in 25 games. That is 68.888 points in 82 games, if he could keep the pace up that is.

69 points for your first line center also getting scored on more than he scores????

And for those 69 points, you have to what? Put him up with the Sedins to create this?

Anyways, for these magic 69 points, how much abuse from his dad do you expect to take this offseason for his big payday contract.

How much would Gillis have put up with whining for tons of MONEY now. lol .

5 mil ? 6 mil ? Hey, hes got 69 points right? Hes a super star.

Alex Burrows, who actually does play with the Sedins, has never touched that number... and Cody is a sophomore, playing on a garbage team. Grasp at all the straws you want and exaggerate off of Gillis' words, words only made under duress.

Theres no way to spin this as a win for us. It's not just the head to head matchup, its the value and current effect on our contending team.

It isn't Cody's job to be great defensively, any more than it's the Sedins job. They need to be merely average, a level he will no doubt hit soon. The defending Rocket and Norris winners were criticized for their D zone play, now nobody cares.

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