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03-08-2013, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by BSHH View Post
Seeing your club's development team defeating the rival's top team certainly feels special*. However, I really miss Waldhof Mannheim and their production of rough and destructive defensemen (not only the Förster brothers, Kohler, Wörns and Steiner, but also Sebert, Schlindwein, Tsionanis and Dickgießer). Will we ever see a coach like Schlappner again?


* However, the internet always offers the best laugh: Did you know that the club once was called Chio Waldhof 07 after receiving lousy DM 190,000.00 from the Chio potatoe chips company?
Yep it's great, always nice to beat your rivals, it's a shame local police pushed the DFB/Regional association to change the kick off time to 2pm on a Wednesday, otherwise it would of been a really good crowd. Our fans were chanting "Unsere Kleinen sind für euch zu groß!" after going 1-0 up as well

Something I notice as well, quite a few of our U23's are FCK fans as well (being from the area), so the game has big meaning for them as well, which is pretty cool.

The best Mannheim teams are a little before my time, I can only really remember towards the tailend of their time in the top 2 divisions. Though I know they had a pretty solid production lines of players for a while, till they went into financial meltdown. I'd like to think the FCK v Mannheim derby matches will come back in the top 2 divisions at some point, but Mannheim's finances are really bad at times.

Yeah I remember reading that after my Dad told me about that, quite funny really, could you imagine the uproar in Germany if a team changed their name to a chip company now?

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