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03-08-2013, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by greenstickytoes View Post
im sure Janssen would be better than Armstrong and Moen for
our 4th line tho. we don't need someone thats there to make points.
we need someone thats physical, who skates fast and that can fight
at a decent size. Moen and Armstrong don't have enough physicality
and grit to their game anymore.. they both look like a bag of patatoes
when they hit or get hit. and they never defend their teammates..
Janssen maybe not good to put points on the boards but **** does
he hit and fight. hes fast for a heavyweight also. hes the perfect fit.
and the good thing is that he's cheap, we barely need to give anything
great to get him
I think you are talking about the former Cam Jannsen when he was an NHL goon, he's not anymore, he was waived and nobody took him, he's realy bad now. Every team in the league would pick up Moen if he was on waiver.

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