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03-08-2013, 01:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Cyborg Yzerman View Post
So the thread title says it all, what happens when our team is completely healthy? Do Andersson and Tatar get sent down? Do players get shipped out or waived? Does Emmerton become a healthy scratch?(This assuming we DO become completely healthy at any point.)
Don't think Bert is coming back, not only this season but really ever, think he will go on the LTIR through next season.

An interesting development was during the first intermission Andersson talked about moving into an apartment. You generally don't do that as an AHL guy until the team tells you to, doesn't sound like he is going anywhere.

I think White is going to be moved, although his tone in his recent Mlive comments really dialed back so message probably received there in case he does stick around. Huskins will get waived and likely clear, good for GR really.

As much as people like to say it Sammy and Cleary aren't going anywhere.

Miller, Eaves and Abdelkader are the most likely candidates with the chances of moving Abdelkader being extremely small in my opinion.

They get to winning a bunch here the next couple weeks they might become buyers which kind of scares me to be honest. As Nyquist or Tatar could be casualties in that buy.

All of this is a little hard to predict because I don't think they are going to get all the way healthy at any point. With this shortened schedule it is tough to see it happening, but if it does the read I am getting right now is Tatar might actually go down before Andersson. I guess we will see, I disagree with that in a big way but that is a problem for when it actually happens.

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