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03-08-2013, 02:38 AM
Only a 2 year window
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Originally Posted by Blue Goose View Post
Actually, I think it would work if they went with my "subdivision" idea. In fact, when re-alignment was first introduced a couple of years ago, this was the theory for the 8-team divisions:

Play six division games against three subdivision opponents (6x3 = 18 games) + five division games against four opponents in other subdivision (5x4 = 20 games) + a home and home with the rest of the NHL teams (2x22 = 44 games).

True, and I tend to agree. But for the sake of balancing the schedule, I think it's worth taking the chance that you could end up with 1 v 4 from the same division - since we'll automatically have 2 v 3 every year, there's a good chance you wouldn't play a team from the other division in your conference until the 3rd round (just like the old days!).

Case in point: if the re-alignment was in place right now, the current Western Conference playoff matchups would be:

M1 Chicago v M4 St. Louis (lower-seeded wild card)
M2 Detroit v M3 Dallas
P1 Anaheim v P4 San Jose (higher-seeded wild card)
P2 Vancouver v P3 Los Angeles
Heheh, no, Detroit's going east! It would be:

M1 Chicago v. WC2 Minnesota
M2 Dallas v. M3 St. Louis
P1 Anaheim v. WC1 San Jose
P2 Vancouver v. P3 Los Angeles

(if San Jose advanced they'd actually be seeded home team over any Midwest team except Chicago)

In the East it would be:

C1 Boston v. WC2 Ottawa
C2 Montreal v. C3 Toronto
A1 Pittsburgh v. WC1 Detroit
A2 NY Rangers v. A3 Carolina

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