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Originally Posted by razorsedge View Post
The change was made in 2000.
Drink prices became a minimum $2.25 after a guy disappeared (later found in the river) during a $2 double highball night at Monty's. People think it was the MLCC that used that incident to make the change when in fact it was hotel bar owners that used it as their reason to request the change. 25 cent draft and buck a beer nights were limiting their profits.

I miss 25 cent draft nights in the peg during NHL playoffs.
I remember this as well. That guy who died was so drunk, he walked out of MOnty's and walked several blocks and ended up in the river. Had no idea where he was I guess. Too bad his friends weren't around to check up on him - might have saved his life.

Before the drink prices were raised, I remember the shooter blitzes they had at the Canad Inns bars - $1 per shot. Also, remember them having $1.75 cocktails and hi-balls on weekdays and those same prices before 9:00 pm on weekends. Friends and I would stock up and we would be covered for the night. Nothing like getting ****faced at the bar for $20! Guess that's a thing of the past though...

But Holden says he remembers the cheap booze at the Pembi and yet he is only 23? He must have been a pretty old-looking ten or eleven year old to have had the chance to sample the cheap booze Winnipeg bars had to offer back in 2000, isn't that right Holden?

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