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03-08-2013, 04:19 AM
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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
Heheh, no, Detroit's going east! It would be:

M1 Chicago v. WC2 Minnesota
M2 Dallas v. M3 St. Louis
P1 Anaheim v. WC1 San Jose
P2 Vancouver v. P3 Los Angeles

(if San Jose advanced they'd actually be seeded home team over any Midwest team except Chicago)

In the East it would be:

C1 Boston v. WC2 Ottawa
C2 Montreal v. C3 Toronto
A1 Pittsburgh v. WC1 Detroit
A2 NY Rangers v. A3 Carolina
D'oh! Forgot about the Detroit move.

The way I understand it, if SJ advances they play the winner of the VAN-LA series automatically, right? They don't re-seed, NFL-style, do they? If so, you'd be forcing the DAL-STL winner to play VAN-LA (rather than having inter-divisional matchups featuring CHI against STL-DAL and SJ against VAN-LA), and I thought they were trying to avoid such scenarios. In fact, I thought I heard insiders (Dreger, MacKenzie, etc.) mention that part of what needed to be ironed out in the plan was to make each WC team a "de facto" member of that division's playoff pool (i.e. Detroit becomes an "Atlantic" team, for the first two rounds).

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