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03-08-2013, 05:59 AM
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Dalla Costa you are full of crap. Why don't they give every mem cup to London and tell the rest of the teams to **** off. This is the first column of yours that I am discusted with, what an AH. Big deal if Barrie's arena is to small they have every right to boost their economy as London. Why doesn't London make their own league and do what they want. The Mem cup should move around the league fair is fair. Or give it to London and have them pay the other teams a huge some of cash for wasting they're time.
Every team deservs a fair chance!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes even south of the border!!!!

Nice game last night boys. Nice to see Pav#1 to disappear after the first and Pav#2 you are a real super star. Good game.


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