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Going North
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Originally Posted by JacketsFanWest View Post
It doesn't matter how long he had or hadn't been working in the league, he lacked the ability to lead change in the organization.
Yeah. By the time he finally started to realize what the problem was (culture), he had run out of time to effect change throughout the organization. I hope it was a learning experience for Scott, it would be nice to be able to hire people and let them carry out your vision, thats the way it should work. I think we can trace the experience back to not cleaning out Operations when he got here, be it from a fear that whoever you bring in may surpass you or what. Something Portzline hinted at for years was that you can't be afraid to hire people smarter than you, maybe Scott was insecure in his position? I don't know....

I'll be interested to see where his career takes him over the next decade, and if he ever again makes to a position of a serious decision-maker in another NHL organization. This is a league of retreads, coaches and players and management that fail spectacularly one place end up finding success (to whatever degree and what level is different) usually elsewhere. I'll be interested to see if Scott Howson's names crops up for anymore GM or AGM jobs in the coming years, I think that will be a good barometer of just how he's viewed as a viable executive in the coming years.

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