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03-08-2013, 07:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Joe Canadian View Post
Of course none of those players had anything to do with the 2004 Red Sox (except for Renteria who was the Cardinal batter who grounded out to end the World Series that year). And Epstein wouldn't be the first GM to stray away from one approach in favour of throwing money around, nor was he the last. Your only evidence that the team wasn't a Moneyball team seems to be the payroll totals. That ignores the decision making process that went into filling out the other roster spots. Moneyball isn't a synonym for low-payroll team, high payroll teams can deploy it. Especially when said teams don't have unlimited funds and need to fill out a roster beyond those high priced players.
Moneyball applies more towards low-budget teams, it kind of defeats the purpose of great value when you sign guys for $20 million a season. The point is to use the advanced stats to find cheap players as the alternative. Guys like Beane are geniuses because they're great at searching the bargain bin by using advanced statistics and maximizing the asset. Boston just signs and trades for everybody in sight. That's not moneyball my friend.

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