Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Bollig sent back to Rockford (Recalled)
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03-08-2013, 07:21 AM
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Originally Posted by RFIP View Post
Barely an improvement over Scott.

That said, at least with Scott NO ONE challenged any of our stars, Bollig doesn't care that clout. Plus I enjoyed watching Scott beat the crap out of the occasional fool who challenged him!

Not this again. Not exactly sure what you mean by challenged but Scottís presence did nothing to stop the targetting of our top players - he just created a black hole when he hit the ice. Someone cited one occasion, but that was pretty much it. Bollig isnít much of an improvement in protecting our skill players but at least he has a bit of skill himself (to play on the 4th line). Not enough however to play in the top 6 where we would need him against the more physical teams.

I agree with Bubba and others here. Promote a prospect and see what they can do. If nothing else said player can be showcased for a potential trade

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