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03-08-2013, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
Has nothing to do with being PC. You have an overblown obsession over one part of the game that isn't even critical to a team's success. That would be like us PC kids saying how great the shootout is and collect shootout videos. Every game should have 3 shootouts, one after each period. The Rangers should sign and dress Mr. Poopy Hockeyplayer because he is money in the shootout. He can't skate, pass, or play defense but man what a shot! This team needs more shootout specialists. Five to seven of them at least. They'll make other teams think twice about using their back-up for shootouts! 1!! 1

Do you see how dumb that sounds? Now substitue everything I said about shootouts with fighting and goons and that is roughly what you sound like 90% of the time. Also those 5-7 players you mention could all play hockey as well as be tough. The game is changing. The kids playing today are focusing on skill, speed and smarts. This is a fact you need to accept and move on. If you truly enjoy hockey and not violence, you will get over it.
Go play ps3 kid . Your clueless .. I know how the game has changed don't worry. I am far from obsessed with just goons, I just know it isn't smart to be the only team without one. Now go away and let me and IMO enjoy our conversations

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