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03-08-2013, 07:49 AM
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Originally Posted by albatross View Post
Maybe I'm just not seeing it right, but I'm still not seeing the advantage.

In addition to having eight teams in the division, we now have the added travel. Everybody felt so sorry for the poor Jets to have to travel to the SE, but this is ok?
Meanwhile every other team in the division that isn't TB or FLA has the easy travel for most of their divisional games.

Secondly, maybe it's heresy, but not everybody cares about playing original 6 teams all the time. And quite honestly, I'm not actually seeing more coverage from TSN and the rest of the Canadian media as a plus. It has never been good, why would more of the same old **** amped up to extreme levels be a better thing?
They will have to deal with the fact that Tampa is actually a healthy (and wealthy) organisation that sells out most of its games. And having three Canadian superstars in Stamkos, St. Louis and Lecavalier on the team sure doesn't hurt.

I could see some angry Torontonians bash our jerseys, though.

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