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03-08-2013, 07:58 AM
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Penguins Jerseys in NYC

Hi guys, first post here so please be gentle!

I'm in NYC for a week from the 2nd April, and when I found out that the Pens were in town I was elated. Never thought I'd get a chance to see them play, but lady luck has been kind!

Anyway, as a UK person my knowledge of hockey jerseys is pretty minimal as well as my knowledge of knowing where to get a good deal. The only Pens jersey I have is one of the bootlegs from East Asia, and I think treating myself to a legitimate jersey before the game is the right thing to do.

Having never been to NYC (or really the States beyond a couple of hours) before, all I really know is from Googling. I see one of the big 'many branches in your area' stores has a pretty sweet Lemieux Jersey that I like the look of -

It seems like a good place to start for a legitimate jersey, rather than going for a player that could be traded the second I buy it (this happened to me before in NFL!). Is that a pretty decent price or are there better places to go with a larger range and better pricing? Will there be shirts available to buy in MSG itself? I'm guessing based on the cost this will be pretty much the quality of jersey that the bootlegs are based off - good material, decent stitching etc as opposed to the screenprinted NFL jerseys they sell here for about $80 and are pretty terrible.

Also, a really silly question but best to ask - I bought my Pens tickets from StubHub in the 200 tier (212 to be precise) but there's no mention of whether this is Rangers seating, Penguins seating or if it's a case of everyone mixes in together. I know even at our tiny 2,500 cap local rink the oppositions fans are all grouped together away from the home crowd. I wouldn't want to be stepping on anyones toes by wearing a Pens jersey and going wild when Sidney sticks one into the Rangers net!

Thanks all

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