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Originally Posted by Epsilon View Post
Which no respectable polling organization would actually do, because that's a convenience sample and is utterly worthless from a statistical perspective. The amount of bias introduced by using such a non-random sampling method is so large it overwhelms any actual results from the data; the associated margin of error from such a methodological error is enormous.
The NHL doesn't care what the majority of Canadians think, they care what their customers think. This isn't to set public policy, if the NHL can, as a business, make more money catering to the minority of the population who are rabid fans that the majority who are fickle, that's their prerogative.

I'm sure if you polled average Canadians about the ufc or bellator, the results would be far more unfavorable. That does not prevent the ufc from raking it in hand over fist. No business cares if there product appeals to a majority, they care whether there is a market for their product. For the NHL, there is demand and increasing demand for a product that has fights.

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