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Originally Posted by Breeze 44 View Post
First off, I didn't respond like that anywhere..what are you reading? Secondly, I'll post what I want to post but by all means you do have 37 posts so you must have started these forums.The extension whether you want to admit it or not was stupid and uncalled for, as well as hoping for a handshake deal for 2 mil for 1 more year because he's only getting slower and weaker but let's add more time
I didn't say you responded saying that. I asked who you would have rather signed with that money and said not to respond with the typical "that's not my job but they need to find someone" kind of comment that I see here so often. It's not that easy.

And about the post count comment, you're right, it takes a high post count to have a valid opinion. I'm sure a veteran like yourself has no much knowledge because you've hit "submit reply" so many times.

Again I ask, if the extention was so "stupid and uncalled for" who would you have signed with the money?

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