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Originally Posted by God View Post
No day is sadder than this day. I broke my X:60. My favourite stick ever. I've been using it almost every week since July. rest in peace.

Now I have to use my S19, which I'm not overly comfortable with. Stickhandling was definitely better with the X:60 and the puck feel is a bit different. I wonder if the difference in lie (5.5 for the S19, 6 for the X:60) has anything to do with it. Anyone have any comments? The sticks are virtually the same length but the S19 is about an inch longer (I don't cut my sticks because I'm 6'1 and the lengths are usually perfect). Should I just get used to it?
I bought one60's on sale before I returned them for a two-piece instead. I'm also 6 feet and usually don't have to cut my sticks.

I took them home to handle, and didn't like the feel for a few reasons. In particular I didn't like the 6 lie, felt like it was bunching up my elbow too much and didn't feel good on my overall posture whilst handling. Seeing as these are both bauer sticks I thought I'd share that with you.

Apparently my new blade is a 6 lie but it feels closer to a 5 lie when I hold it, and I definitely like it way more.

Originally Posted by Ted Black View Post
How long do hockey sticks last you guys? And I'm not talking about how long before it breaks in the conventional way, but how long till it loses its flex?

I've had my Sherwood T90 for I think about two years now and I can't go top shelf anymore. Although it's never been that easy for me with this stick (odd) it seems like it's a lot worse now. I almost think it might be the blade torquing out on me. I've heard guys talk about this before, but is a true phenomenon?... and can someone further explain the physics behind this? I don't want to buy a new stick if it's not the stick, but something is off. It could be me too though, haha.
I'd like to know the details of this as well. As far as I know the shafts can become whippy but that's more often because you've pushed it to it's absolute limit (EG lots of snappers, slappers, etc.)

I think the blades lose their structural integrity way more easily, and way more often.

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