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03-08-2013, 08:45 AM
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Can't wait for this - I'll be able to talk the missus into at least one road trip each to minni and Chi-town. The downside is that I'm expected to take her shopping, which means every single f'ing Target store in the state. minni is covered by Target stores. It seems as though every street in minni has one at the end of the block - just another reason to hate minni. Well, at least there's Fleet Farm - the bigger, better Princess Auto, for consolation.

Does this mean we get to troll the minni boards for every game? I can't wait for all the ********** minni fans crying 'cause they keep losing to the Jets! Unfortunately, all that the redneck minni fans will be able to do is inarticulately rage against us.

I feel sorry for the neckbeard minni fans - they're going to be at the bottom looking up at Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, St. Louis and Winnipeg. Even worse? They'll be looking up at the Avalanche!

The above is all in jest, of course (excepting the first paragraph) I'm just doing what I can to further the rivalry!

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