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Originally Posted by SoTzuMe View Post
If some misguided government made fighting in hockey illegal, would it change your opinion of it? I'd guess not. That's not my point. My point is that people are entitled to an opinion on fights in hockey even if they don't support the game in any way. It's on their TVs, so they have a right to speak out about it, and the NHL has an responsibility to justify the way it's run (whether they change anything or not).

I don't support boxing or MMA in any way. I would be completely fine with the both sports ceasing to exist.
Absolutely agreed, especially given the extra coverage a violent fight gets. However, it is then important to make a distinction between qualified and ignorant opinions. A person who actively takes in hockey and has formed an opinion on fighting in hockey through this observation possesses - in my mind - a more valuable opinion in terms of the discourse (regardless of whether they support or oppose it).

We are taught that all opinions are equal by some misguided egalitarians, but I wouldn't give a **** what my senile great aunt has to say about fighting in a sport she has never seen.

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