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Originally Posted by colchar View Post
Why bother? If someone doesn't like sports they don't like sports. No big deal so why try to change them?
I agree. To me, nothing is more annoying than watching a game, the Super Bowl for example, with a non-sports fan who is trying to fit-in. There was a great episode of The Big Bang Theory where Penny reluctantly invited Leonard over to watch the Nebraska game with her friends.

I have found that most men are either a) really into sports 2) really into cars or 3) really into music. Some are into a combination of two or all 3. Me, I have very little interest in music or cars. I have been to a few concerts, but I am certainly not going to go to a bar to see some up and coming local bands, nor am I going to go a bar because they have live music. Nor, have I ever gone to a car show.

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