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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
You know who disagrees with you ? Every player who has ever laced them up, every GM and coach.

If not having someone who can fight is of an advantage, teams would do it. The teams are competeing with each other, they will do anything to gain ad advantage over other clubs. this week alone, Sesito, McGrattan and Brown were claimed off of the waiver wire by other teams. I'm pretty sure it's not for their scoring.

You can spend all the time in the world imagining what type of team you would assemble if you were a GM. but you are not, and the GM's ( guys who know more about hockey and the game than 99.999% of the general population) still see value in having guys that can fight.

I'm a fan of a team that tried to go no fighters, we got killed, pushed around and all of the talent in the world would have been useless. Reducing the multifaceted game to " score more goals than the opponent" is overly-simplified. There are literally hundreds of things that players do that put their team in a better position to win that don't show up on the score board. Fighting is one of them, I'm sorry you don't see or understand it but the players coaches GM and people who pay to go see the games most certainly do.
As opposed to saying "You don't get it, but other people do", would you elaborate on how fighting directly helps a team score more goals than the other team? I understand why fights happen, but I don't see them as necessary to the primary objective of the game.

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