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03-08-2013, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by domaug View Post
i don't know why the Ducks fans in here are getting so touchy. to be fair, i don't even want Perry on the Pens because of what he will cost to acquire (by his contract and a trade, if the Ducks trade him). the Ducks just don't have a reason to trade him yet. if they were sucking this year, they would (if they knew for sure that he didn't want to re-sign there). since they're actually one of the better teams in the league right now, they should hang onto him for one more run.

then, if Perry STILL doesn't want to re-sign with the Ducks, i think the Pens should see what his asking price is. if it's too high (which is close to a guarantee), the Pens should look at other options.
We're getting tired of hearing people tell us that we NEED to trade him. We're also getting tired of explaining the fact that the playoffs this year are more important than whatever crappy rental package usually gets tossed at teams in this sort of situation. The money is more important to us than picks and prospects. Even if we fall short of the cup, going for that money is still absolutely necessary for a team in our market. A big market team can afford to make that trade off. I doubt that we can.

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