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I am not Canadian, so didnt live through these first hand. What I mean by that is reading about it in the papers everyday, seeing it on the news and so forth. However, based on the situation, I would think in this order:

1984: Getting blown out in the 81 final, Tretiak had retired. This team had to win it all.

1998: 18 months after losing the World Cup by losing 2 straight in Canada. First time NHLers were playing. Heavy favorites.

2010: In Canada, terrible showing in 2006. Rough start by losing to the US in the prelims, switching goalies.

2002: Had been 50 years since they won Gold (I know Canada didn't send a team for a while to protest the Soviets using their pros).

1972: I put them down here only because I don't think the pressure started until after they dropped 2 games in Canada. As the OP said, it was supposed to be a cakewalk, but that was only because they under-estimated the Soviets. They beat up on the US and Canadian amateurs, but showed they were just as good. I have watched all 8 games, I have read a lot about that series. I think the slow start was just a case of the players and coaches not respecting the Soviets. I remember watching a special on the 80 Olympics and Tretiak said of the Americans, "We didn't respect them....and you can't do that in hockey." I think the 72 Canada team had the same problem.

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