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03-08-2013, 11:01 AM
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How much do you think this guy will cost? Valts Grislitis

Contrary to my usual demeanor, I do not mind spending big money. And I need a CM since I sold two of my three starters.

Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
It would appear so. That may explain why in hockey my sponsor never really took a hit when I promoted yet lost my int'l cup bonus bucks. I suspect this coming season it'll be alright too (I'm back above 570 OTR where I was the end of last season). I think I'm in the top-5 of Canadian soccer OTR. But there is a large gap between 1 and 5. Hopefully a couple steady years near the top of I.1 and consistent international play will correct that. I'll catch Kenora eventually. I used to (may still can't check - game is down) have the top AQ team in Canada. While that may have changed I still only have a few 4/6 guys (had none last season that I planned on keeping). Bodes well for the future...
Here's IzzaX's quote:

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I get almost 90 millions from sponsors each Wednesday smiles

As far as the rest of your post, a couple of steady years at the top of I.1 won't really help. I finished in 4th place several seasons in a row and Obryantj pulled away. Maybe you'll have a better shot since we're getting 8 teams in the ICs again. But you won't catch him for a while if he stays on top of things.

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