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03-08-2013, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Sh0otnSc0re View Post
But the thing is, if your boss tells you to go all out and balls to the wall for something. You're getting it done regardless. You're putting the most money out there that you can.
Paul is still responsible, it is his job. There should still be a limit or line that you don't go over. The GM should know that, especially for a team always near the cap limit. If the GM wants to operate close to the ceiling he has to determine the consequences for each decision made and the directions that can happen. If something seems to be not feasible he needs to go to Snider and explain to him or move in a different direction.

Also, I would not put the most money I can out there. I would look for the best goalie I could get. That means looking at all goalies, how they play, and determining if they can fit the team or not. I am sure Paul did some of this, but maybe not enough. If he didn't then he should be fired. I remember watching the Coyotes-Red Wings series and seeing Bryz let in many soft goals, so when we traded for him, I was like no. Then, I hear the terms and I was shocked.

The whole ordeal with Bryz made me realize that Paul doesn't really plan ahead.

What's done is done and nothing can be changed. Luckily, we have amnesties to use and one of them must be saved/used on Bryz's atrocious contract.

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