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Originally Posted by DontPass2Clarkson View Post
Anyone use a P106 and have advice for keeping slappers low? I love everything else about the curve. Good puck control, can keep hard wrist shots low, great saucer passes...but I'm blasting head hunters when it comes to slapshots. Even when I'm just taking shots on my own, and focusing on keeping them low, a "low" shot is roughly 2-2.5 feet high.

When I'm mid-game and don't have the time to focus on keeping it low, I'm ripping head hunters all over the place.
Where do you connect with the puck on the blade of the stick? More towards the toe? Maybe try closer to the heel?

Originally Posted by keslersgirl View Post
Is there anything that can be done to keep a square toe in good shape? My tape job is pretty solid, a stretch of tape that goes heel to midway up the toe, and taped all the way toe to heel, cutting off the excess on the toe, so I'm not sure of what else to do to protect it more. If there's no way to prevent the toe from getting crushed so badly, what would be the closest relative to the Getzlaf curve (any brand) only with a rounded toe? Thanks, guys.
I've heard of folks using epoxy on the toe with mixed results. Is it getting chipped up on the bottom only or both top and bottom? Drury isn't far off from the Lidstrom, a bit lower lie though.

Originally Posted by Ted Black View Post
How long do hockey sticks last you guys? And I'm not talking about how long before it breaks in the conventional way, but how long till it loses its flex?

I've had my Sherwood T90 for I think about two years now and I can't go top shelf anymore. Although it's never been that easy for me with this stick (odd) it seems like it's a lot worse now. I almost think it might be the blade torquing out on me. I've heard guys talk about this before, but is a true phenomenon?... and can someone further explain the physics behind this? I don't want to buy a new stick if it's not the stick, but something is off. It could be me too though, haha.
Usually about a year for me if I love them and use them a lot. Most of the time I get bored with them and get rid of them earlier.

If you take lots of slap shots and dig into the ice a lot, a lot of times the shaft will break a couple feet up from the blade. Sometimes this happens within a few weeks or a few months. These are the guys that break tons of sticks.

Otherwise, the blade can go soft. Test it by grabbing the toe of the blade and trying to bend or twist it with your bare hands. Shouldn't move hardly at all. It used to be the blades would soften after a couple months, but sticks have improved and should last at least six months to a year with your average rec leaguer.

If the blade stays relatively stiff and there's no chips or cracks anywhere, that's a good stick IMO.

Originally Posted by God View Post
No day is sadder than this day. I broke my X:60. My favourite stick ever. I've been using it almost every week since July. rest in peace.

Now I have to use my S19, which I'm not overly comfortable with. Stickhandling was definitely better with the X:60 and the puck feel is a bit different. I wonder if the difference in lie (5.5 for the S19, 6 for the X:60) has anything to do with it. Anyone have any comments? The sticks are virtually the same length but the S19 is about an inch longer (I don't cut my sticks because I'm 6'1 and the lengths are usually perfect). Should I just get used to it?
I remember when I broke my X:60 Best stick ever.

Definitely cut the S19 to the same length. 1" makes a big difference (that's what she said...)

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