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03-08-2013, 10:29 AM
Who do you play for?
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Originally Posted by Exit Dose View Post
Are you reading mine? I didn't say one thing about the Pens trading for Perry in that post you quoted.

As for your other posts. You seem to be glossing over the fact that the Devils needed that revenue last year. Remember that story about their financial troubles in the weeks leading up to last season's deadline? Remember how those stories disappeared after their playoff run. You're not considering that this is a business first. You also have no clue about this team if you think that this team is looking at multiple playoff rounds if we lose Perry; that is pure stat-scouting. We have young centers.
I think that you are selling the rest of your team way short thinking that they can't advance without Perry. The Pens were 1 goal away from advancing without Crosby and Malkin and Cooke. Losing the 3 of them has Way more of an impact that the Ducks just losing Perry. Once again, not saying that it isn't a big loss, but rather pointing out what Sheen pointed out earlier...Getzlaf, Ryan, Selanne, Koivu, Fowler, etc. is still a core capable of advancing and bringing in playoff revenue.

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