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03-08-2013, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by CapitalsCupFantasy View Post
Was this posted so all could see?

15. Had a terrific conversation with Oates last week about his dislike for players lining up on their off-wing. He is 100 per cent against it and explains why with an MLB analogy. "You look back through the history of baseball and every shortstop throws right. Why?" "Because it's too hard to make the throw left-handed," is the reply. "Right," he says. "How many plays won't be made because a left-handed shortstop isn't able to turn, get set and make the throw with strength or speed?" He believes the same theory applies to a winger on the wrong side.

16. One play he uses to illustrate this theory is Alex Burrows' 11-second overtime winner in Game 2 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final.

Watch Andrew Ference off the draw. "He takes two steps, is closed off and has no play," Oates said. He then pointed out something very interesting. Look at Boston's roster now: four left-shooting wings. Four right-shooting wings. Two right-shooting centres. Two left-shooting centres. Three right-shot defencemen. Three left-shot defencemen. (It's true, you can look it up.) That's going to be the blueprint in Washington.

17. Oates, again with a laugh, asked if he's requested GM George McPhee re-sign Mike Ribeiro: "Yes, and I think Alex [Ovechkin] has, too."

18. Final one from him, asked about his relationship with Ovechkin: "The one thing I made sure he'd know is that anything I told him would stay between us...Before I got here, he was guaranteed $100 million. He could easily have said, 'Go fly a kite.' But he's been great. I need this kid to trust me."

19. I relayed all of this stuff to someone, and he said to me, "You know how Ovechkin knows he can trust Oates? Because he never says once that Ovechkin's curve makes it very hard for him to play the left side."
That is some insightful stuff. Wow I never thought of it that way. Handedness is way more important than I initially thought.

RH really hit the nail on the head on this one. Kudos.

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