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Originally Posted by SoTzuMe View Post
Hasn't worked because the rules aren't strict enough and officials aren't given the tools they need to do the job properly.

Reasons why a protest at the rink won't work:

A) Self-selection: Fans at the rink are likelier to be pro-fighting.
B) The arena's environment: People are there to have a good time; they won't pay money to protest. This is the same reason why there were no significant anti-lockout protests in the rink (the majority of fans were against that, weren't they?).

Reason why there wouldn't be a protest at all: Because this isn't an important enough issue to the majority of people who think fighting is unnecessary. I won't stop supporting hockey any time soon barring some ban on fighting, but I think the game stands to benefit from banning it. Hardly the reason to picket the NHL front office.

so now you are going to from claiming that you have deeper insights of the game than the players, to saying you know how to do a better job than collie campbell and shannaban ? Is there any discipline you dont consider yourself a world authority ?

If fights are such an affront to your delicate sensibilities, turning around at the game is not an onerous request, is it ? You dont miss any of the game and I'm not advocating a boycott, you can still enjoy the 98% of the game and then the rest of the league will be able to see who and who is not being disingenuous. people voice their displeasure all the time, they boo the refs get them to boo the guys fighting. boo loud, encourage others to boo, scream
" think of the children!!!!" like maude flanders. do whatever you can to show how deep your opposition to fighting is, if you want things to change speak to power other than whining about it on the internet.

I agree it wont work, but not for any of the reasons you suggest and I'm pretty sure you know why it wont work.

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